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Abdul Rashid Agwan

Abdul Rashid Agwan is a Delhi-based thinker, author, and activist, known for his writings and presentations on optimism. He frequently takes sessions in youth motivation across the country.
Although graduated in science, Agwan contributes on as wide topics as religion, environment, education, human development, issues related to lives of underprivileged sections, and the like.
Author and editor of half a dozen books, published in India, Malaysia and Lebanon, including a five-volume encyclopedia, and contributor of more than one hundred papers and articles on varied topics, he is equally conversant with English, Hindi, and Urdu. The set of his books comprise Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran (5 Volumes), Islam in 21st Century, Islam and the Environment, A Guide to Uplift Minorities, Medical Issues in Islamic Jurisprudence and Towards an Ecological Consciousness.
After his MSc in Zoology and research work in fisheries and subsequently teaching in his alma mater, University of Udaipur, for three years, he served a longer stint as director of Delhi-based Institute of Objective Studies.
Presently, he is the president of Institute of Policy Studies and Advocacy, secretary of All India Educational Movement and a trustee of Foundation for Social Care.

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