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We are first generation entrepreneurs who are involved in creating, designing books, writing books and teaching as well and more importantly who want to help budding authors as authorpreneurs to paint and realize their dreams and unfold their untold stories to the world through MyBooks Publication.

Our consultants, experts, and team members facilitate you to get acquainted with the expectations, timelines, and help you in packages to decide and taking care of editing, design, distribution, and marketing of your book to make sure your books reach to the maximum number of readers.

MyBooks Publication is a unit of DigiConv Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd.

DigiConv is a one-stop Prepress and e-Publishing services provider offering high quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to enhance the competitive advantage and profitability of publishers and businesses. Since its inception in 2004, the company delivers industry-specific solutions at par with the changing opportunities in the publishing market.

We want to support and promote the authors in various regional languages for publishing.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout

Ayushi Singh No avatar Author, IT Expert, Singer
" I am a strong believer of Law Of Attraction! And by God's grace, my passion guided me and...I attracted many writers and publishers! Most publishers have the intention to make money, but this publication house had the only intention to MOTIVATE WRITERS and promote READING. I highly recommend every writer to choose them as they will not ONLY be you publishers but GUARDIANS too! "
Vikram Joshi No avatar
" Excellent team and well-done design for my maiden publication. Kudos to the team that is professional, efficient and very courteous Wish them many victories. "
Malaya Mohanty No avatar Author
" Any budding author who wants to get his or her book published, look nowhere as MyBooks is here. The perfect place to learn and get your book published in simplest and easiest way possible. "
Jyoti Tiwari No avatar Author, Activist
" Extremely humble staff, very cooperative people. Once you handover manuscript to them, they take full responsibility for publishing and advertising it. Best packages and best deals available here. They fulfill what they promise, all the very best to MyBooks and thank you! "
Adarsh Rathour No avatar Author, Anchor
" बेहतरीन टीम जो दिन रात लगी हुई हैं एक आम लेखक को खास बनाने में "
Supreet Arora “Sherry” No avatar Author, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Blogger
" MyBooks provides the launchpad for all those new authors who need the right direction to launch themselves at an affordable price. 'Chauhan sir' and 'Shahid Sir' are highly cooperative, proactive and loving people to work with. You always feel so friendly and approachable. It was a great experience to get my first book. "
Navneesh Bharadwaj No avatar
" They are not only publisher, they are like my family.. Very humble and cooperative staff, proud to be a part of MyBooks Publication 🙂 "
Kajal Mehta No avatar Author
" An amazing team that makes the journey easy and smooth. Patience and support are the basic quality of the team. Chauhan sir and Shahid stood by me strong and made my first book happen just the way I dreamt. "
Ajit Panicker No avatar Author, Motivational Speaker
" A publication house to reckon with, the one which works for the author to help him, not only to help him publish but support in the smallest of ways possible to reach out to the masses; to readers across the world. Wonderful team of people. "
Deepti Sehgal No avatar Doctor, Author, Authorpreneur
" MyBooks is a one-stop publishing platform that takes care of everything book & marketing designing, publishing and good quality end product.. If you are open to extend your wings, MyBooks can make you reach the heights! "
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