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Sherry the author is no different from the Sherry the person. He is a lovable person one can find around. What distinguishes him from the caravan, is his ability and agility to stand alone, yet part of masses. All of 33, he learned the fine art of communication skills from the greatest institution in the world, his own ‘mother’, a renowned teacher and gold medalist in sports at the state level. Quite naturally he had in him the making of a great author. His dream comes true from his maiden book – ‘Unleash the Hidden Potential’. The book is a culmination of his extensive exposure as a corporate trainer. The core line of his approach has been – ‘How to bring the best out of every being?’ He has conducted more than 300 corporate training sessions and motivational workshops in various parts of India. It came as a surprise when a leading international school invited him to address its ‘primary class students.’ No wonder at his age, he has touched upon the right cords to unleash the hidden potential of various strata people.

He is the Founder of Facebook community – ‘Motivation Sparkles’. In a short period whose membership crossed 60000 worldwide and is growing day by day. The principal objective is to conduct live webinars by various emerging and sorted speakers to encourage and inspire people. The motto is to inspire everyone and spread awareness through consistent positive thoughts. In a candid interview, he once said – “Illusions are created by our own thoughts and the truth is they exist nowhere in reality.” The book in your hand, amply take care of all those illusions and will enable you to identify and work over the same with the dynamism required. Be the lion of your destiny.

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