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Anupama Boriya

Anupama Boriya, currently, is a student of Masters of Human Resources Management Advanced at Griffith University. She has worked as a Shadow Teacher for one of the reputed school in Mumbai. Keen to learn more and more and gain in depth knowledge about human psyche, she successfully completed her Master’s degree in Psychology and further went on to do Hypnotherapy, Graphology and NLP. Her approach towards life has always helped her to follow her dream of ‘Making a difference’. Her enthusiasm and constant striving to understand life in different perspectives/ lights has made it possible for her to pen down her thoughts and express it through poems, tales and write ups. Her never ending love for books has played a major role in her journey till now. One of her strongest belief in life is “We all speak to the same God. It is not religion that divides man. It is good and evil here on earth that divides us.”- Kristin Harmel (in the book “The Sweetness of Forgetting)
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