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Ayushi Singh

Ayushi Singh (1992-Present) was born in Allahabad, India. Being and Indian writer she is well versed with languages like English, Urdu and Hindi and here her domain extends to Multilingualism.By profession, she is a Software Engineer, Author and Singer.

Ayushi is the author of 2 Books,‘In The Canopy of Life’ and ‘Ehsaason Ka Ashiyana’.

One word for the author, ‘Aesthete’. Writing since 12 years of her life, Ayushi is the perfect blend of optimism, imagination, patriotism, and humanism.She is an optimistic soul whose power lies in her pen.

Achievements in Literature :

  1. Mayuri, Outstanding Work in the Hindi Language Ranked 7th AIR by STORY MIRROR
  2. In the Canopy of Life, The content of this book is a Compilation of poems and stories in Hindi and in the English Language.It cannot be categorized under any particular genre as it is versatile and possess articles from the different aspect of life.Words of a struggling teenager boy, A love story with incredible sacrifices, A letter by a bride to groom, A message by the Almighty to humanity, A story of worthy friendship, and an ode to dreams. Some prose are rhythmic others are sporadic It’s a small gift to humanity with the motive to extend in many other versions.You can find the book on Amazon.
  3. Nasamajh Hi Sahi (An Anthology of Ehsaason Ke Panne), A story based on a true story
  4. Child of True Lovers, Upcoming Novel

‘ Read, as it can heal all wounds…..

Read, although it’s an illusion…but it holds the answer…that Reality don’t! ‘

– Ayushi

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