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Deepti Sehgal

I am a registered Doctor of Oriental Medicine, internationally certified Macrobiotic Health Consultant, Acid-Alkaline (pH) Health Coach, Detox Specialist, Holistic Whole & Natural Foods Nutritionist, Raw Food Nutritionist, Holistic Health & Wellness Educator & Trainer, Holistic Meal Planner & Whole & Natural Foods Chef Instructor. My holistic knowledge is based on the ancient health & wellness concepts from Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda.
Before transforming into a holistic health & wellness practitioner, I have spent 11 years in Information Technology (IT) industry as a software documentation writer. In my IT career for a decade, I gained success but lost my path to health, achieved laurels but forgot my path to contentment, enjoyed recognition and fame but forgot the real charm to live and feel alive. Somewhere, I had forgotten to listen to myself and work on myself, the way we all do each single day!
A few years back, I suffered from frequent allergies & sinus infection. Unexplained aches and pains had nested within me forever. Having undergone two C-sections, my weight ultimately bargained with me and stopped at 76 kgs leaving me totally out-of-shape, fatigued, irritated. I lacked even the basic energy to carry on my day to day tasks. I suffered from extreme anxiety and nervousness. I longed for a slim frame which looked like adistant dream. I suffered from gastritis and was bloated to the extent of looking five months pregnant at any point in time. I was a conscious healthy eater only to realize that I had developed high uric acid levels that caused pains in my joints even with the slightest movement. And, I learned at that time that even healthy diet cannot ensure the health, or there was something wrong with my way and understanding of health. Despite of eating very healthy, I had a blotched face, uneven skin tone & dry flaky skin. My moods were under the siege of emotional lows frequently, and my face cut was hidden under layers of fat. I did everything from using cosmetics to seeking medical help for my skin condition, and to gain a better appearance. And at some point, I gave up because it never turned out to be a permanent solution. I longed for health, beauty, energy, radiance, vitality, happiness and well-being inside out rather than quick fixes. And this was my story until 3 years back!
Today, I weigh 58 kilos, uric acid levels have gone down without medication, I look & feel younger, live in a healthy body, have a good digestion, have clear skin, have high energy levels, sleep deep and feel light. Most importantly, my transformation happened both at physical & emotional level. My body and mind changed for better & my thoughts gained balance. I follow what I have imbibed over the years as a part of my holistic health education. I live by my dreams and beliefs and have completely changed my diet and lifestyle; alternatively, all by itself, what else changed was my body at the biological level, my appearance, my thought process and my attitude towards life. My cooking techniques are now more oriented towards creating healing health recipes. I have consciously learned to focus on my breathing patterns, and have given up on cosmetics and chemical-laden beauty products. I try to live completely in sync with nature and try to utilize items directly made from natural products. Today, I eat better, live better, breathe better, sleep better & work & enjoy better. I wake up with enthusiasm each day to learn more and serve more. Now, I live each day to the fullest, and definitely not with a thought that it is my last!

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