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Kajal Mehta

Kajal Mehta is a practicing  Image Consultant. She made her first career move at the age of 18, and has never stopped after. Her senses to be able to bring the best out of anyone around her led her to make a career as an “image consultant’. She holds certifications that make her a “Certified Image consultant”, a “Certified Personal shopper”, and a “Certified Colour analyst”. A number of makeovers, corporate training and workshops is part her portfolio. Her work schedules and social commitments never made her compromise on her passion for crafting her fictions and emotions on paper.

She is a full-time mother, a dedicated and loving wife, a dutiful daughter in law, a demanding daughter and sister, friend of friends, and a person well connected to her inner cores is how she portrays herself as an Individual.
Her heart always craved to reach to the world with stories she was holding within. She started writing on serious note since 2012 and decided to put across best of her short fiction in front of the world. “My brain functions for my work, while  my  heart beats for writing. My work exposes me to variant places, people and situations, that’s exactly where  my  stories are born; and that’s how  my  brain and heart are woven.” she quotes over her journey as a writer.
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