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Naim Naqvi

Naim Naqvi was born in 1952 at Amroha, where he attended his schools and learned the basic nuances of language and sketching. He learned Urdu under the guidance of famous novelist Akhtar Abid Noganvi, and picked up the fundamentals of sketching from well-known artist Eqbal Mehdi who had migrated to Pakistan within few weeks as Naim got entry under his tutelage in 1964. Amroha is a town in Western Uttar Pradesh, India, which is known for the saints, poets, scholars, artists, film directors, story-writers, craftsmen, mangoes and scorpions. Amroha is also known for its traditions of communal harmony, tolerance and mutual respect. Amroha is a virtual paradise upon earth for those who love to adhere to the past glory.

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