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He wanted to be a ‘leggie’, but now tries to ‘spin’ magic around words. Noren has been writing poems since he was young, giving it up off and on. Over two decades in journalism and having gone through a roller-coaster of emotions, he has discovered a new insight in the mundane things of life.
Noren is a sports-lover. He lets his hair down – not literally as he has grown bald – by listening to music that balms. Having a gypsy heart, Noren likes to move on and despises becoming a moss. Remote places frequented by peace-seekers interest him the most. Nature is close to his heart and so are people. And therefore, he wonders why the two can’t co-exist in harmony?
Having a fancy for the abstract, Noren’s compositions sometimes border on subtleties. But he believes that some thoughts and feelings have such myriad shades that they can be best expressed through images . . .

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