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Samrudhi Dash

Samrudhi Dash, a post-graduate in English Literature from JNU, New Delhi, began her first foray into the world of poetry writing in late 2013, at the age of 22, when struck by a sudden, debilitating illness, later diagnosed as hypo chromicanemia and probable bone marrow depression, made her a prisoner of hospital rooms and endless blood transfusions. Dreams clouded by uncertain predicaments at a time when she was anticipating a glorious future, she found solace in writing poetry, that gave her much needed respite. She published her first anthology of poetry titled The Newborn on her 23rd birthday. Since then, her poetic talents have flourished and the subsequent publication of her second poetry anthology The New Leaf, by AuthorsPress, New Delhi in 2015, earned her repute as a budding poet, followed by Dreamer’s Web and Communion (2016). Her debut novel Beyond the Horizon, launched by AuthorsPress, has earned her acclaim as a good author in the making; as the book has gone on to touch many hearts in mere weeks after its launch. Besides that, she has had articles and poems published in at least seven different anthologies from across the country including the prestigious international Readers Digest Magazine (September 2012 issue).
Positive, vibrant and optimistic, Samrudhi is a strong feminist at heart; writing and poetry are what define her best.

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