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Shankar Kashyap

Shankar Kashyap is an orthopaedic surgeon originally from Bangalore, India practicing now in the United Kingdom. He has had extensive experience in publishing scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals over the last 25 years. His first book, “A Kangaroo Court: A Triumph of mediocrity” was published in 2011.
Over the years he has been interested in ancient history of India and has undertaken extensive research into the subject. The aim is to take readers through the third millennium BCE in India using archaeological and literary evidence available along with characters and events from the enormous Vedic corpus. There has been a resurgence of historical fiction novels, particularly the success of Christian Jacq with Ramses series. There has been very little written about the great Indus Valley Civilisation in the popular press and most of what is written has been aimed at serious historians and archaeologists. Many have always wondered what the life was like during the period of that great civilisation. The Harappa Series consists of six books, each dealing with different aspects of Indian pre-history in a fictional form. The first three books of the series – Lure of Soma, Fall of Shuruppak and Dasharajna: The Battle of Ten Kings have been published so far.
This is his first foray into crime fiction. True events of an unfortunate murder spurred him to write this. Coming from a medical background, the psychological aspects of the case intrigued him and he has brought out the conflict of faith, beliefs and emotions in this book.

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