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Smriti Bhatia
Smriti is a Chocolate artisan, an entrepreneur and a person with a complete passion for chocolates and chocolate making. She is not just a chocolate diva but an avid writer. Her love and passion for chocolates can be understood just by knowing the fact she has written an entire book on chocolate! The book can be read and purchased from Amazon, the ebook version for which is an Amazon bestseller.
Smriti is also an IT professional along with her enthusiasm and passion for chocolates, her constant desire to experiment with chocolates is simply immense. She is a chocolate entrepreneur since 2010 and believes in innovating stuff to make the addiction to chocolates a bliss for all chocoholics. Her motive is to see that one smile on her client’s face. She deals into not just chocolates, but also into Puddings, Mousse, no-bake cakes, side dishes, and beverages. She creates ideas to blend chocolate with almost anything to name her own created dish! Smriti also teaches the art of chocolate making in one of the most interactive ways as chocolate making is really fun!
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