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Yusuf Aziz

Yusuf Aziz, an 18-year-old boy from Delhi who loves to read and write. Yusuf’s main interest lies in the art of poetry and story-telling. He believes that writing and reading helps a person to strive away from the ugliness of the world and daily life struggles. He hopes that he can help people overcome their anxiety and tension with his writings and hopes to invite them into the world of his writings. He has been writing for quite some time now and he believes that writing has helped him overcome a part of his anxiety and depression and has made him a better person than he was before. Even though he is a published author now, he still struggles to write and baffle people with his writings. He recently worked with Mr.RiturajAnand in his latest book, ‘The Scribblers Diary’ and he hopes to continue working with him on several other projects.

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