MyBooks Publication offers a wide range of Digital E-Book services that help you be at par with technology. Unlike traditional print medium, eBooks allow you to offer your readers, only the information they want. As a publisher, you can be confident, knowing our cutting-edge and profitable solutions ensure maximum reach for your content. Embrace eBooks for sharing your valuable content or marketing your businesses; it could soon be your major source of income.

At MyBooks Publication, we create high-quality apps, interactive eBooks, basic PDF ebooks, PDF eBooks with hyperlinks, flip books, and more for web and mobile.

With EPUB’s reflowable content, you can optimize your publication for the device it is being viewed on. We help you produce and deliver a single well-styled title in EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 formats for all distribution mediums like iPhones, iPads, Kobo, and others.
Fixed Layout ePub
MyBooks Publication has expertise in producing eBooks in Fixed Layout EPUB format, which allows highly illustrated and graphics-intensive print books to maintain their appearance, even when they are exported to the EPUB format. Our goal is to ensure that your EPUB publications will stay true to its original design, but offer rich media features, complex layouts, and interactivity functions.
Read Aloud ePub
For remarkably attractive EPUB books synchronized with audio files, we provide Read Aloud books conversion services. Our highly efficient services enable readers to listen to the narration while reading and have full control over the audio features. They can turn on or off the soundtrack and choose automatic page-turn feature as per their convenience.
Interactive Books (Flash / HTML5)
Going from print to web and mobile is much easier with MyBooks Publication’s interactive book service. The full-fledged interactive publications that we create help your audience, especially children, to enjoy information, activities, games, audio, and video. We deliver searchable, printable and editable interactive eBooks in .doc and .pdf formats.
Mobi / PRC formats
Expand your audience with eBooks in Mobi and PRC formats, supported by Amazon Kindle. Even though Kindle supports color, graphics, and images, there are limitations to font styles and layout. Our expert publishing team offers efficient, affordable and cost-effective conversion from EPUB, Word, Indesign, and PDF formats to Mobi and PRC, to make your content available on Kindle and other web-based reading platforms that support these.
Price: Rs. 5000/- (for ePub & Kindle eBook)
For Technical Books, Fixed Layout, Read Aloud & Interactive eBooks, kindly contact to our Publishing Consultant.
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