In order to create your write up, you first need to have an idea. And for that idea to click in your mind you need to think about what you’re going to write.
There are two habits that a writer’s got to have: Observation and Empathy. You might get an idea by observing things around you.
Why publish? We come across many people who write beautifully but unable to share their write ups. We invite those budding authors to reach us.
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MyBooks Publication is a provider of publishing tools, services, and a self-publishing platform. Backed by Print-on-Demand, this platform allows people to publish and sell their books in print without having to invest upfront on bulk printing. We deal in eBook publishing. Which can be used by individual self-publishers as well as other organizations, NGOs, and publishers.

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MyBooks Publication We have a competent and dedicated team of editors in our panel who work for us at reasonably lower rates.
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Whatever your thoughts, we would transform them into a book be it Print-on-Demand (POD) or e-Book.
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Nayaab Series

No one can tell your story,
so tell it yourself!
No one can write your story,
so write it yourself!
We are here to publish it!

About the author
Devi Raghuvanshi Style: Author, Engineer DEVI RAGHUVANSHI was born in Mathura, India, the birthplace of Lord Krishna and completed his Engineering Degree (B.E.) in Electrical Engineering. After working with big Corporates for 40 years, he ventured on a writing career. DEVI RAGHUVANSHI lives in MUMBAI and he follows Sports as he himself has been a state level athlete. He has published Eighth book, on the physical and emotional changes of surrogate mothers, his first book “LOVE ON VENTILATOR”, second book “LOVE TRIOLOGY, WHO TO COMPLAIN”, third book “IT’S OK TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN” etc. has already been published.
Devi Raghuvanshi
Ayushi Singh No avatar Author, IT Expert, Singer
" I am a strong believer of Law Of Attraction! And by God's grace, my passion guided me and...I attracted many writers and publishers! Most publishers have the intention to make money, but this publication house had the only intention to MOTIVATE WRITERS and promote READING. I highly recommend every writer to choose them as they will not ONLY be you publishers but GUARDIANS too! "
Vikram Joshi No avatar
" Excellent team and well-done design for my maiden publication. Kudos to the team that is professional, efficient and very courteous Wish them many victories. "
Malaya Mohanty No avatar Author
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" Extremely humble staff, very cooperative people. Once you handover manuscript to them, they take full responsibility for publishing and advertising it. Best packages and best deals available here. They fulfill what they promise, all the very best to MyBooks and thank you! "
Adarsh Rathour No avatar Author, Anchor
" बेहतरीन टीम जो दिन रात लगी हुई हैं एक आम लेखक को खास बनाने में "
Supreet Arora “Sherry” No avatar Author, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Blogger
" MyBooks provides the launchpad for all those new authors who need the right direction to launch themselves at an affordable price. 'Chauhan sir' and 'Shahid Sir' are highly cooperative, proactive and loving people to work with. You always feel so friendly and approachable. It was a great experience to get my first book. "
Navneesh Bharadwaj No avatar
" They are not only publisher, they are like my family.. Very humble and cooperative staff, proud to be a part of MyBooks Publication 🙂 "
Kajal Mehta No avatar Author
" An amazing team that makes the journey easy and smooth. Patience and support are the basic quality of the team. Chauhan sir and Shahid stood by me strong and made my first book happen just the way I dreamt. "
Ajit Panicker No avatar Author, Motivational Speaker
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" MyBooks is a one-stop publishing platform that takes care of everything book & marketing designing, publishing and good quality end product.. If you are open to extend your wings, MyBooks can make you reach the heights! "