The Captain With No Response


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Lazlow Evans is a 14 years old boy studying in a boarding school, plays many sports, has talent in music & arts and also performs well in academics, but unlucky for him, HE IS A LEADER!!!!

Lazlow was voted as a class captain in VIII-B. You may be wondering ?Why use term unlucky for describing him as a leader???? That?s because Lazlow is a person who has leadership qualities but hates being a leader as he thinks it?s ?bad?.

Even family wasn?t good for him, his only family is his father and grandparents, both of them live apart from each other and were always busy. Problem gets bigger when his father is killed in a terrorist attack. Now Lazlow is struggling to cope with his father?s death & emotions, making it harder to balance his normal school life and also be a good leader.

Join him as he goes on a journey which may change his perspective of leadership??.


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